Create a green island near Paris !

Author : Le collectif vue sur l'Ile Seguiin - collectif de riverains

Created the 2018/01/16  




Symbol of the polluting automobile industry in the 20th century

Make Ile Seguin the symbol of making the planet green.

On December 12, 2017, the One Planet Summit brought together leaders, governments¸ businesses, philanthropists and NGOs on Ile Seguin to make green the finance destined to urgently fight against climate change with its dreaded effect on health and the environment.

None of the participants mentioned either the living beauty of the green island or the “beautiful loop” (belle boucle) of the Seine which beneath their feet and beneath their eyes, constituted a sustainable emblematic solution both locally and globally. All lovers of Paris, and the inhabitants of the Ile de France region, with its extremely polluted air, can choose to breathe better tomorrow by becoming reconciled, on the island and the river, with the fauna and the flora, the biodiversity of their environment.

With a single click, each of us has the power to allocate the eleven hectares of Ile Seguin solely to music (with the Seine Musicale inaugurated in 2017), to the outdoors and to nature by linking the island to the river and to the overall site.

Sign and obtain signatures for the petition today. 

    • to support the extension to the banks of the Seine, including the “belle boucle” (Ile St Germain, Ile Seguin, hillsides of Meudon and Sèvres, Saint Cloud Park, Bois de Boulogne); the classification of the river banks by the Unesco Heritage.

    • to demand, as the law provides, the environmental assessment of the ecosystem formed by the Seine, Ile Seguin and their banks and hillsides.

    • to enforce the court decision that annulled the 2011 local urban plan (PLU) which authorized the erection on the island of five office towers without height limitation (judgement of the

Administrative Court of Cergy Pontoise of July 9, 2013).

    • to prevent all speculative attempts to surreptitiously

reduce the green island to grey slabs of concrete;

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¡Cread una isla verde en París!

¡Símbolo de productivismo automotriz contaminante del siglo XX

¡Ayúdenos a transformar la isla Seguin

en un símbolo verde del planeta !




 El 12 de diciembre de 2017, la Cumbre del Planeta (One Planet Summit) reunión en la isla Seguin a varios jefes de Estado, de gobierno, empresas, filántropos y ONGs para darle un toque verde al financiamiento de la lucha contra el cambio climático, que tiene doble efecto sobre la salud y el medio ambiente.


Ninguno de los participantes evocó la belleza viva de la isla verde, la del río Sena, que bajo sus pies y bajo sus ojos, constituye una solución sostenible local y mundialmente emblemática.  Todos los apasionados de París, sus habitantes, los habitantes de la región Ile-de-France, que parece excesivamente contaminada, pueden escoger respirar mejor en el futuro al reconciliarse, en la isla y sobre el río, con la fauna, la flora y la biodiversidad de su entorno.


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